Mold Testing in Elkins WV

Mold Testing

We provide extensive Mold and Water Intrusion evaluations to help homeowners determine the presence of mold and conditions that are conducive to fungal growth. We will take surface samples of suspected areas to be tested by a 3rd party lab. Our inspection and lab results will be used to generate a high-quality report to help assess the condition of your home and provide recommendations to reduce conditions that promote future mold growth.

Sampling Measures

Your Mold Testing and Water Intrusion Evaluation will include three surface samples. Additional surface samples can be added for an additional $60/Sample.

  • Surface Sampling: We utilize surface swabs and tape testing methods to extract a sample from a surface. These tests will also be analyzed by a lab to verify if the sample is mold or other forms of fungal growth. These results are also provided by a lab report.

Your Report

You will receive a written report of your property that contains information and recommendations to improve the conditions found that are conducive to mold growth within 24 hours of completing your inspection.

Typically, we receive lab results back within three to four days of the inspection. Once received, we will update your written report to reflect their analysis and attach their Lab Report to your online customer portal. We will either email and/or call to ensure you are fully updated and answer any additional questions you may have.

Home and ruler

Our Inspections Include the Following:


    wall cladding, flashing, windows, foundation walls, grading, vegetation, etc.

  • ROOF

    Roofing material/condition, gutters/downspouts, vent stacks, chimneys, other roof protrusions, roof flashings, etc.


    Roof framing, decking, protrusions, exhaust points, ventilation, signs of condensation, and water entry.

  • Homes Interior

    Plumbing fixtures and pipes, countertops, humidity levels, window sills, signs of moisture staining, thermal imaging, etc.

  • Crawlspace / Basement

    • Crawlspace/Basement: Framing, ground moisture/vapor barrier, ventilation, plumbing, signs of condensation and water entry.
  • HVAC System

    HVAC Air Handler, ductwork, supply registers, condensate drain and related items.