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Crawl Space Safety

This article lists potentially dangerous or unhealthy conditions that should be evaluated by an inspector or worker who is expected to enter, inspect, or work in a crawl space anywhere in a building.


We have been asked to restore a concrete slab, which has very fine and random cracks. They do not seem to be very deep and they are in a random pattern. Is this craze cracking, which I have heard about in the past? If so, why do they form and is there anything we can do to eliminate them? Find Out Here

GFCI Protection

GFCI protection or ground fault circuit interrupter is one of the most important electrical safety devices found in homes

Field Inspections

The Inspection Company LLC. is a full-service property inspection company, proudly serving the real estate, mortgage brokerage, and insurance industries.  It is our goal to timely and accurate information regarding the status of a property. Especially if it is a first-time vacancy, occupancy, and overall property condition.